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We're proud to work with dozens of local businesses and independent traders, helping them to flourish.

Here are some nice things some of them have to say about Spare Pair of Hands (more on the way!):

Spare Pair of Hands are time-wranglers, brain-un-manglers, life savers! A finer bunch of do-anything admin wizards I have yet to find.

Rich Huxley, Hope and Social

Spare Pair of Hands has been an asset to my business and to myself. As my business grows, I can't be everywhere or do everything on my own, so Katherine and her lovely staff step in to help, always with a smile on their faces. I know my business is in good hands with them. The entire staff is competent, capable, trustworthy, dependable and friendly. What more could a business owner want?! Having A Spare Pair of Hands as part of my team is a godsend!

Lisa Gair aka The Yummy Yank

SPOH have helped us with farmers markets in Baildon, Leeds and Horsforth. They have always been really reliable and have been a great prescence for our business on the stall. As they are passionate foodies they can help steer customers accross our product range.

Leeds Bread Co-Operative

Katherine is exceptionally organised and is able to restore order out of chaos. She is very adaptable and is happy to help out with many varied tasks. SPOH has made a big difference to my business and in turn to me and my family.

From a Happy Client